Remember how the old manually open the gate once installed in each fence. Frost, rain and you have to go out with a warm car to open the gates to his mansion. But here the door handle froze. You think you bad luck, not bad luck but it is not outdated technology, rather, oh sorry that can not be called technology.

Automatic Gates are the perfect complement to your new fence. A simple act of opening and closing the door one day cause many nerves, may change at pleasure through the gate on the remote control.

Security offered by us and our next door remote control in combination with a beautiful wrought fence will enable us to enjoy the peace which gives us the peace and quiet of your own home, where no one has asked not to enter.

There are three types of automatic door:

  • Automation for sliding gates
  • Automation for swing gates
  • Automatic garage door opener

Automation for swing gates

Automatyka do bram skrzydłowych

Practicality, elegance, comfort;
modern solutions safety - motors for gates.

Automation for sliding gates

Automatyka do bram przesuwnych